Beyond Bullet Points: Using Microsofta Powerpointa to Create Presentations That Inform, Motivate, and Inspire: Using Microsofta Powerpointa to Create

    By Cliff Atkinson

Unload those boring, bullet-riddled slides--and unlock the amazing story buried in your presentation! In BEYOND BULLET POINTS, communications expert Cliff Atkinson shares his innovative three-step system for increasing the impact of your communications with Microsoft PowerPoint. He guides you, step by step, as you discover how to combine the tenets of classic storytelling with the power of the projected media to create a rich, engaging experience. He walks you through his easy-to-use templates, plus 50 advanced tips, to help build your confidence and effectiveness--and quickly bring your ideas to life!

FOCUS: Learn how to distill your best ideas into a crisp and compelling narrative.

CLARIFY: Use a storyboard to clarify and visualize your ideas, creating the right blend of message and media.

ENGAGE: Move from merely reading your slides to creating a rich, connected experience with your audience--and increase your impact!

Inside!: See sample storyboards for a variety of presentation types--including investment, sales, educational, and training.


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Posted April 25, 2012, 3:42 PM with category of General Business
In the 2011 paperback edition of The 100 Best Business Books of All Time, author Todd Sattersten included a new sidebar of the best books on using visual thinking in business because, to play off an old saying, sometimes a picture is worth more than 1000 words. The list of recommended titles included Dan Roam's Back of the Napkin, Cliff Atkinson's Beyond Bullet Points, and Dona W. Wong's Wall Street Journal Guide to Information Graphics. Read more


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