Coming Jobs War

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Published Hardcover: 10/2011
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Coming Jobs War

By Jim Clifton
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In "The Coming Jobs War," Gallup Chairman Jim Clifton boldly asserts that job creation and successful entrepreneurship are the world's most pressing issues, outpacing runaway government spending, environmental degradation, and even the threat of global terrorism.
The book is grounded in findings from Gallup's World Poll, which reveals implications of the jobs war on everything from economics to foreign policy to America's moral authority in the world. And it offers a prescription for attacking the jobs issue head-on. Clifton says the solution to creating good jobs must be found in cities, not the federal government. Promoting entrepreneurship and job creation must be the sole mission and purpose of cities' leaders.
Winning the jobs war requires all hands on deck, and failure is not an option, especially for the U.S., which has been the global leader in promoting freedom and entrepreneurship. America's place in the world is at stake, with other countries poised to surpass a sputtering U.S. economy growing at only 2% annually.
While the statistics are dire, Clifton remains optimistic about America's ability to win the jobs war. "The Coming Jobs War" offers a brutally honest look at America's biggest problem and a cogent prescription for solving it.
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