Connected: 24 Hours in the Global Economy

    By Daniel Altman

In the span of one day, how does the world do business?
In "Connected: 24 Hours in the Global Economy," journalist and economist Daniel Altman answers this question by visiting more than a dozen cities around the world and tracing the threads of our ever-changing, ever-integrating economic fabric. Readers travel to Syria, where the president wants to launch his country's first stock market; to Brazil, where a corruption scandal is brushed under the rug in the name of economic stability; to East Timor, where a new nation grapples with its impending oil wealth. Altman diagrams all the gears and cogs, showing how they fit together in the vast machinery of the global economy--all in the events of a single day. "Connected: 24 Hours in the Global Economy "is a new and accessible way to look at our complex world.



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Pages 287
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Publisher Picador Usa
Published 09/2008
Language English
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9780312428099 — Paperback