Demand: Creating What People Love Before They Know They Want It

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Published Hardcover: 10/2011
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Demand: Creating What People Love Before They Know They Want It

By Adrian J Slywotzky
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In "DEMAND: Giving People What They Love Before They Know They Want It" (Crown Business; October 2011), Adrian Slywotzky, named by" Industry Week" one of the world's six most influential management thinkers, provides a radically new way to think about demand, with a big idea and a host of practical applications--not just for people in business but also for social activists, governments leaders, non-profit managers, and other would-be innovators.
They all need to master such ground-breaking concepts as the hassle map (and the secrets of fixing it); the curse of the incomplete product (and how to avoid it); why very good magnetic; how what you "don't" see can make or break a product; the art of transforming fence sitters into customers; why there's no such thing as an average customer; and why "real" demand comes from a 45-degree angle of improvement (rather than the five degrees most organizations manage).
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