The End of Business as Usual: Rewire the Way You Work to Succeed in the Consumer Revolution

    By Brian Solis

From the Publisher:
Today's biggest trends --the mobile web, social media, real-time-- are forcing us to rewire the way we think, act, and run our businesses. They have produced a global culture, shrinking the world one tweet at a time. These new tools have created an ever expanding "Egosystem," in which we all believe our lives deserve 24-hour broadcasts. Now, everyday people are looking to understand what is going on as a result of the social and mobile web. Educators are looking to connect with their students and business leaders are seeking to steer the company toward a new generation of customers. Are we in the age of enlightenment or are we lost in translation? Solis's "The End of Business As Usual" explores each layer of this complex world from the government to the everyday consumer, defining this social and business upheaval.


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ISBN 9781118171578
Language English
Publish Date 10/11/2011
Publisher Wiley