Flowering Plants: Asteraceae, Part 1

    By Robert H Mohlenbrock

This, the first of three volumes on the aster family planned for the Illustrated Flora of Illinois series, recognizes 388 species in 119 genera, as well as 20 hybrids and 73 lesser taxa. In "Asteraceae, Part 1," author Robert Mohlenbrock presents new and historic information in a clear and easy-to-read style. The volume provides an easy-to-use key to the genera and species and a complete description and nomenclatural and habitat notes for each plant, including its usefulness, if applicable. New nomenclatural combinations are shown for several species. The precise illustrations and detailed information allow for the identification of some of the most difficult to identify plants in the state--goldenrods, asters, artemisias, and fleabanes, among others. Includes 128 original illustrations by Paul Nelson.

Robert H. Mohlenbrock is Distinguished Professor Emeritus at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, and Senior Scientist at Biotic Consultants, Inc. Among his many books are "You Can Grow Tropical Fruit Trees "(1999), "Field Guide to North American Trees "(1987), "Field Guide to North American Wildflowers "(1987), and "Where Have All the Wildflowers Gone? "(1983). Mike Dombeck is Chief Emeritus of the U.S. Forest Service.


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Language English
Pages 320
Published 04/2015
Publisher Southern Illinois University Press