From the Jungle to the Boardroom

    By Mike Monahan
From the Jungle to the Boardroom, Mike Monahan shows that we all face the same challenges as we make decisions. This book, which challenges the way we make decisions, is based on the leadership lessons Monahan learned during his service in Vietnam and on his journey to leading a nonprofit and facilitating personal-development seminars. This is a book about a guy who spent a year in Vietnam, who experienced the struggles and triumphs of life and who changed in order to live a life of freedom. Monahan distills his leadership lessons into three simple questions that we all face in everyday life as we make decisions. We're all leaders 24 hours a day. We're leading both ourselves and others at work, at home, in the community. From the Jungle to the Boardroom is a must-read for anyone facing important career or personal decisions. This book will help you create your own successful leadership model and take action in the direction of your dreams.


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Pages 148
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Published 04/2011
Language English
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