How to Achieve a Heaven on Earth

    By John Wade (Editor), Donald Frampton (Introduction by), Charles "Tony" Blair (Contribution by), Charles "Tony" Blair (Contribution by), Clive Granger (Contribution by), Dan Reiter (Contribution by), Thomas Mc Faul (Contribution by), Michael Nagler (Contribution by), Rodolphe Adada (Contribution by), Robert "Ted" Turner (Contribution by), Robert "Ted" Turner (Contribution by), Paul Marek (Contribution by), Gal Luft (Contribution by), James Glassman (Contribution by), Walter Wink (Contribution by), Alexandra Mack (Contribution by), Paul Prudhomme (Contribution by), Debra Rosenman (Contribution by), Sharon Davie (Contribution by), Jacob Hornberger (Contribution by), James Waller (Contribution by), Daniel Agatino (Contribution by), Barack Obama (Contribution by), George Bush (Contribution by), Raya Tahan (Contribution by), Tunji Lardner (Contribution by), Marianne Marianne (Contribution by), Alice Schroeder (Contribution by), Thomas Friedman (Contribution by), Julie Burtinshaw (Contribution by), King Duncan (Contribution by), David Brooks (Contribution by), David Brooks (Contribution by), Peter Tanous (Contribution by), Christine Barnes (Contribution by), Christine Barnes (Contribution by), Kenneth Himma (Contribution by), Jane Roper (Contribution by), Patty Gay (Contribution by), Thomas Hohenleitner (Contribution by), Emily Adams (Contribution by), Mary Lou Specha Reconcile New Orleans (Contribution by), Chris Beneke (Contribution by), Mike Farrell (Contribution by), Elizabeth Watt (Contribution by), Runa Bouius (Contribution by), Joshua Kucera (Contribution by), Martin King Jr (Contribution by), Robert Perez Jr (Contribution by), Leonard Pitts Jr (Contribution by), Charlotte Livingston (Contribution by), Mary S Rich Mary S Rich (Contribution by), Barbara Rogoski (Contribution by), Albert "Al" Gore Jr (Contribution by), Michael Gerson (Contribution by), a Robert Smith (Contribution by), A Smith (Contribution by), Renee Peck (Contribution by), Levi Ben Shmuel (Contribution by), William Barrick (Contribution by), Annette Annette (Contribution by), Jana Carvalho (Contribution by), Adrienne Sponberg (Contribution by), Whitney Scully (Contribution by), Brian Skeele (Contribution by), Daniel Goleman, PH D (Contribution by), John Hanc (Contribution by), Stella Resnick (Contribution by), Laurie Norris (Contribution by), Todd Crandell (Contribution by), Craig Katz M D (Contribution by), Mark Maccora (Contribution by), Eric Newhouse (Contribution by), Poppy Tooker (Contribution by), Chris Bynum (Contribution by), Mark Lundholm (Contribution by), Danny Wuerffel (Contribution by), Lolis Elie (Contribution by), William Griffin (Contribution by), William Griffin (Contribution by), Darlene Macinnis (Contribution by), Dan Amos (Contribution by), Nicholas Maxwell (Contribution by), Emilie Griffin (Contribution by), N Atthreya (Contribution by), Chris Rose (Contribution by), Chris Rose (Contribution by), Robert Gamble (Contribution by), Peter Lovenheim (Contribution by), David Crosby (Contribution by), Albinas Prizgintas (Contribution by), Copthorne Macdonald (Contribution by), Chris Wood (Contribution by), Chris Wood (Contribution by), Anne Teachworth (Contribution by), Nicholas Kristof (Contribution by), Dale Brown (Contribution by), George Rodrigue (Contribution by), Et Al (Contribution by), Martin Rutte (Contribution by), John Wade (Contribution by), Lisa Szarkowski (Contribution by), Sage Cohen (Contribution by)

Whether it's finding spiritual harmony, reducing carbon emissions, quelling hostilities among races, cutting taxes, or feeding the hungry, every single person has the capacity to change the world for the better. Longtime New Orleans writer, editor, and philanthropist John E. Wade II has asked some of our most prestigious thinkers, writers, artists, experts, and leaders to consider how to improve the world. The result--this ambitious volume--is as much a social mission as it is an inspirational anthology. Herein lie thoughtful and hopeful reflections on a rich variety of issues, ranging from racism, poverty, religious persecution, genocide, and environmental deterioration to individual consciousness, mental well-being, and community development.

One hundred one contributions from such notable personalities as Al Gore, Tony Blair, Nicholas Kristof, Thomas L. Friedman, and George W. Bush explore variations on the themes of peace, security, freedom, democracy, prosperity, spiritual and racial harmony, ecology, health, and moral purpose and meaning. Focusing on the large problems of the world without losing sight of the little challenges people face every day, this collection of essays encourages readers to find meaning in their own lives and share it with others for the betterment of the world. Religious and secular, liberal and conservative, old and young, the luminaries who have contributed to this work offer their voices and thoughts to inspire movement toward creating a more harmonious world community.


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ISBN 9781589805972
Language English
Pages 320
Publish Date 01/01/2010
Publisher Pelican Publishing Company