Man with Two Arms

    By Billy Lombardo
Henry Granville, a baseball fanatic and high school teacher, spends hours in the basement with his young son Denny, introducing him to balls of all shapes and sizes. He even turns the basement into an indoor stadium. Enthralled by possibility, Henry begins guiding every instance of Denny's behavior, ensuring that every action performed on one side is matched by an equal action on the other-whether it's throwing a ball, swinging a bat, brushing his teeth, coloring, and even wiping his ass.
Denny quickly distinguishes himself from his peers, most conspicuously by his ability to throw perfectly with either arm, a feat virtually unheard of in baseball. But he also possesses a visionary gift that not even he understands. Denny becomes a superior athlete, skyrocketing through the minor leagues and into the majors where he experiences immediate success, breaking records held for decades.
When a journalist, a former student of Henry's hungry for a national breakout story, exaggerates the teacher's obsession and exposes him to the world as a monster, all hell breaks loose and the pressures of media and celebrity threaten to disrupt the world that Henry and Denny have created. A baseball novel-and much more--"The Man with Two Arms" is a story of the ways in which we protect, betray, forgive, love, and shape each other as we attempt to find our way through life.
Billy Lombardo is the author of The Logic of a Rose: Chicago Stories, a Chicago Tribune Best Fiction of 2005 selection. He teaches in the English department at The Latin School of Chicago. He founded and directs Polyphony HS, a student-run national literary magazine for high school writers and editors. His novel, Man With Two Arms is due from Overlook.


"A switch pitcher? A guy as good as Seaver righty and Koufax lefty? The thought intrigues as does Billy Lombardo''s touching and original debut novel."-Bob Costas
"Undoubtedly modern America]s finest literary tribute to the baseball since Bernard Malamud]s novel "The Natural"e. Lombardo]s one of a kind novel about a one of a kind ball player becomes as engrossing as a perfect game going into the late innings. If you]re in the stands, you don]t want to look away from the field, let alone leave the stadium early. Those who love to read about this great pastime will have the same feeling when reading about Denny Grenville, on and off the field. " Alan Cheuse, "The Chicago Tribune"
"Lombardo writes with a naturalness that makes his street-smart surface wholly convincing, but the seeming effortlessness of his storytelling depends on a sophisticated sense of craft and a deep sense of empathy."-Stuart Dybek
"Baseball stories are so often about fathers and sons too often, it seems, too predictably and too sappily, but Billy Lombardo has given us an intriguing and layered look at the hoary old love triangle Dad, Son and the National Pastime. "The Man With Two Arms" is a beguiling tale, with pleasant surpises and just the right mix of affection and cynicism. It understands the game but just as much, it understands what the game can do to those whom it ensnares."-Frank Deford
"Lombardo is as deft at handling the comic and tragic aspects of his story as his creation, Billy, is at whizzing them in from both sides of the plate. Let]s subtitle "The Man with Two Arms" ]The Unnatural] and call it the best baseball-themed fiction so far this decade.] "Dallas Morning News"
""The Man With Two Arms" ranks with "The Natural" as one of the finest baseball novels I''ve ever read. And like "The Natural," it''s about much more than a game. It''s about fathers and sons, dreams and regrets, love and betrayal. Lombardo has written a breathtaking wonder of


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ISBN 9781590206027
Language English
Publish Date 02/03/2010
Publisher Overlook Books

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