Personality Poker: The Playing Card Tool for Driving High-Performance Teamwork and Innovation [With Cards]

    By Stephen M Shapiro

Do you delight in planning and taking action?
Do you revel in facts and data?
Do you crave new ideas and experiences?
Do you feel more complete when you are around others?

In other words, are you a spade, diamond, club, or heart?

Find out by taking one of the quickest, easiest, and most entertaining personality tests to ever hit the business market. Over 25,000 people in dozens of Fortune 500 companies have played "Personality Poker" to spur innovation and optimize growth.

Use the included cards and Steve Shapiro's insightful techniques to identify your personality "strong suit," revealing where you really belong in an organization and how to maximize your contribution. You will also discover:

* Why the person you like the least is the one you need the most
* How your greatest strength can limit your success
* Why homogenous teams are more efficient, but end up limiting innovation


Stephen Shapiro obtained his PhD in physics from Johns Hopkins University in 1969. He is particularly interested in applying neutron and x-ray scattering techniques to study structural and magnetic phase transitions in condensed matter systems.


"Steve Shapiro''s techniques have transformed the way we work together. Personality Poker may be a game, but it provides some serious results."
-Wouter Koetzier, Global Innovation Lead, Accenture
"Personality Poker is a simple yet extremely effective tool for understanding personality mixes and their impact on driving or blocking innovation. And because it is highly interactive with ''audience participation, '' the energy level in the room during is through the roof."
-Andrew Bushell, former head of Innovation, Novartis Consumer Health
"I had the opportunity to apply Personality Poker during an off-site as part of a Team Building event. In a quick 60 minutes, I saw the team not only recognize styles they like the least, they identified how they can leverage those traits to help them the most! The event created a buzz that continued well past the event, A month later, I continue to see evidence that the awareness the game fosters really ''stuck.''"
-Michele Egger, Innovation Operations, Chevron
"Personality Poker is a fun and engaging approach to both personal assessment and understanding team dynamics. This approach helped me recognize how my own problem-solving approach may complement (or clash) with other team members, and gave me useful insights into future team development."
-Ben Cowles, P&C Business Insurance Service Operations, The Hartford Financial Services Group, Inc.
"I thought I''d seen just about every profiling tool there was. Until now, those I''ve seen all required you to fill out questionnaires that are boring and can lead to biased answers. But Personality Poker got to the desired endpoint more quickly, more engagingly, and with less bias than any of these."
-Rob, S., Innovation Champion and Facilitator, R&D Division, A Major Pharmaceutical
"If you''re looking for an engaging, invigorating and creative way to kick off your conference or meeting, I highly recommend Personality Poker!"


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Published 10/2010
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