Power of Habit: The Truth about How to Change Your Thinking Through Understanding Motivation, What We Do & Why We Do It

    By Alexandra Masters
5 FREE E-Books Included! As a thank you for all those who have supported Alexandra Kastor, she has included 5 FREE Habit Change E-Books with EVERY purchase of this book. Your habit change success is within your grasp! It's up to you to seize the opportunity and begin changing your life today! From The Back of the Book The incredible, life-changing book by up-and-coming author Alexandra Masters. Are You the Master of Your Habits? What is a habit? How do habits form? What is willpower? How do I break habits? What is Motivation? Can I really change my life? Is it easy to do? When can I start? Answered Within! All of these questions and more are addressed inside the detailed pages of Power of Habit! Get the never-before-told story of habit breaking and success reformation! You WILL Be Surprised As To What You Find Out! Table of Contents INTRODUCTION PART 1: HABITS What is a Habit? Are We Responsible for our Habits? Golden Rule Of Habit Change PART II: MOTIVATIONAL WILLPOWER What is Motivation? Strategies to Awaken Your Motivation Motivation vs. Willpower Making Your Willpower Automatic PART III: CHANGE THROUGH MOTIVATION AND WILLPOWER Our "Self-Control" Muscle Breaking Tough Habits

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ISBN 9780615856551
Language English
Pages 74
Publish Date 07/01/2013
Publisher A&s Publishing
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