Responsibility at Work: How Leading Professionals Act (or Don't Act) Responsibly

Filled with original essays by Howard Gardner, William Damon, Mihaly Csikszenthmihalyi, and Jeanne Nakamura and based on a large-scale research project, the GoodWork(R) Project, "Responsibility at Work" reflects the information gleaned from in-depth interviews with more than 1,200 people from nine different professions--journalism, genetics, theatre, higher education, philanthropy, law, medicine, business, and pre-collegiate education. The book reveals how motivation, culture, and professional norms can intersect to produce work that is personally, socially, and economically beneficial. At the heart of the study is the revelation that the key to good work is responsilibilty--taking ownership for one's work and its wider impact.

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ISBN 9781118047507
Publish Date 12/03/2007
Language English
Publisher Wiley
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