Standing on the Sun: How the Explosion of Capitalism Abroad Will Change Business Everywhere

    By Christopher Meyer
For half a century the US has sat at the center of the global economic system, and Western-style capitalism has dominated. Now, it's no secret that the center of gravity is shifting. Based on observations of companies defying capitalism's old rules yet prospering, this book outlines principles for commercial success.
Christopher Meyer is the founder and Managing Director of the Strategic Alignment Group in Portola Valley, California, a rapidly growing management consulting firm with clients such as Ford Motor Company, Quantum Corporation, Procter & Gamble, and Glaxo lnc. He is also the creator of the California Institute of Technology seminar on time-based competition, the most widely attended public seminar of its kind.


"An imaginative masterpiece! This is the most complete and creative book I know on how the world economy is changing and what it means for the strategies and tactics that leaders all over the world need to implement. Reading the book is a compelling journey, as Meyer and Kirby first explain the key features of the new capitalism that is emerging around the world and then provide advice for businesses and leaders in this new world." -- Bob Sutton

""Standing on the Sun" is a powerful way to describe and look at what's happening in our global economy and the world of capitalism." --

"extremely well written and researched book" -- Business Traveller

"It's a revelatory romp through this economic and cultural moment with powerful implications for any leader wrestling with the crucial questions of our day: what is business for, how do we create value and what does it mean to win?" -- Management Innovation eXchange

""Standing on the Sun" delivers on the promise of giving businesses a whole new way to look at the system of capitalism. You can agree or disagree--but you should definitely read "Standing on the Sun" to find out where you stand." -- "Small Business Trends" (

"Excellent new book." -- "The Financial Times"



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ISBN 9781422142387
Language English
Publish Date 01/30/2012
Publisher Harvard Business Review Press

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