Success Made Simple: An Inside Look at Why Amish Businesses Thrive

    By Erik Wesner
Success Made Simple is the first practical book of Amish business success principles for the non-Amish reader. The work provides a platform of transferable principles - simple and universal enough to be applied in the non-Amish world, in a wide variety of business and management settings. Learn how to develop profitable and fulfilling enterprises as Amish explains how to build fruitful relationships with customers and employees, prosper by playing to strengths, and create an effective marketing story. It includes interviews with over 50 Amish business owners that outline the role of relationships in business and the importance of the big picture-taking in long-term goals, the welfare of others, and personal integrity. It offers ideas on practical application of Amish business practices to non-Amish businesses, with bullet summaries at the end of each chapter reviewing the most important take-away points. With a focus on relationship-building and the big picture, Success Made Simple offers business owners everywhere the tools for better, smarter, more successful enterprises

Success Made Simple: An Inside Look at Why Amish Businesses Thrive


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Language English
Published 03/2010
Publisher Jossey Bass
Availability Available
Pages 227

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9780470442371 — Hardcover