Uncommon Service: How to Win by Putting Customers at the Core of Your Business

    By Frances Frei, Anne Morriss
In Uncommon Service, Harvard Business School professor Frances Frei and coauthor Anne Morriss argue that service is a competitive weapon, not just a damage-control function--especially in a volatile economy where the old rules of strategy no longer hold true.
That means it's not enough to simply demand service excellence from employees or periodically do whatever it takes to satisfy a customer. You must design service excellence into the very fabric of your organization.
Uncommon Service makes a powerful case for a new and systematic approach to service as a means of boosting productivity, profitability and competitive advantage.



"Anne Morriss and Harvard Business School Professor Frances Frei make the counterintuitive, but compelling argument that true success for service businesses requires that you give up on being perfect; that you make some tradeoffs." -- Business Insider (businessinsider.com)

"Morriss and Frei have a powerful and surprising answer..." -- Forbes.com

"The book was uncommonly excellent. Very straightforward and to the point. Frei and Morriss uncover four basic truths about customer service, discuss the important ingredient of culture and provide guidance on how companies can scale to get bigger." -- CustomerThink (customerthink.com)

"In this upbeat and highly readable book, the authors isolate four "service truths" that companies must understand..." -- "BizEd" magazine

"The book is full of case studies showing how companies have harnessed their strengths but cut corners elsewhere, in pursuit of the ultimate goal: excellent service." -- "South Africa Financial Mail"

"I found "Uncommon Service" to be a refreshing, frank and honest look at how any organization can increase profitability, satisfaction and competitive advantage by delivering consistently outstanding service." -- American Express Open Forum


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ISBN: 9781422133316
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Published 02/2012
Publisher Harvard Business School Press