Unlocking Opportunities for Growth: How to Profit from Uncertainty While Limiting Your Risk (Paperback)

    By Alexander Van Putten, Alexander B Van Putten, Ian C Mac Millan
""This book is a must for any Business Development Manager, Corporate Strategist, R&D Director, and anyone else who is accountable for growth in a corporation. It is an easy read that is practical and not fraught with useless academic theories.""Ron Pierantozzi, Ph.D., CEO of PPT Research and Former Director, Business Development, Air Products & Chemicals, Inc. A Breakthrough Approach to Investing in Business Innovation Most companies analyze investments using tools that bias them against real innovation and lead them to avoid their best opportunities. This book introduces a breakthrough alternative: "Opportunity Engineering." Drawing upon recent advances in financial analysis, but without requiring a lot of math, the authors show how to engineer the risk out of uncertain opportunities so you can pursue more high-payoff innovations. You'll learn how to escape from the "go/no-go vise" and implement more flexible decision-making that considers "all "the business alternatives, models, and opportunities associated with each project. You'll learn how to systematically structure high-potential projects to limit downside exposure and boost your potential upside. The authors show how to define the scope of investment opportunities, identify key drivers of potential profits, document assumptions, design out major risks, and tease out key challenges and vulnerabilities. Using these techniques, you can escape the mindset that limits you to low-impact innovations and begin pursuing serious growth opportunities--and make business uncertainty work "for "you, "not "against you. Why companies avoid their best opportunities for innovation"Getting past risk-averse analysis that snuffs out experimentation and innovation"" "Systematically engineering your opportunities"Capturing the upside, slicing out the downside"" "Beyond rigid "go/no-go" decisions"How flexible, staged innovation creates more opportunities for delivering value"" "Constructing an engineered growth portfolio of innovation investments"Optimizing your mix of core-enhancing investments and high potential "long shots""
Alexander B. van Putten lectures on entrepreneurial management at The Wharton School. He is managing director of Triad Consultants, which consults on strategy and business planning for clients ranging from P+G and MetLife to Bayer. Formerly SVP of Chrysler Capital Realty, he has also built three successful companies revolving around arbitrage and finance. Ian C. MacMillan is Dhirubhai Ambani Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Professor of Management, and Director of the Sol C. Snider Entrepreneurial Research Center at Wharton. His areas of research include new venture management, entrepreneurship, and strategic management.


""In Unlocking Opportunities for Growth, Putten and Macmillan help company leaders discover a new method for evaluating business opportunities and demonstrate that, just as a product can be engineered, so to can the financial returns of business investments. No longer do the outcomes of investments in R & D, new markets, and new products need to be accepted as the hand that was dealt. Instead, both general and financial managers can learn new ways of planning and directing business investments to create maximum returns coupled with reduced risks." "-- Business Book Review, September 2008


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