What Works!: Successful Writing Strategies for National Board Certification

    By Bobbie Faulkner
WHAT WORKS! offers dozens of writing strategies to clearly and convincingly explain your teaching practice to the National Board Assessors. Writing for the National Board is a type of technical writing teachers rarely use elsewhere and this book lifts the mysterious fog surrounding how to provide evidence of the National Board Standards. WHAT WORKS! provides organized information designed to propel candidates to successful certification. It s a roadmap for National Board candidates presenting tips and information in a straightforward, conversational style. WHAT WORKS! special features include: . WHAT WORKS! and HERE S WHY! sections .Sentence Starters for Descriptive, Analytical, and Reflective Writing .Examples from Multiple Certificate Areas .Candidate Vignettes based on Real Candidates .Multiple Appendix Templates for All Certificates and Entries .Sample Passages illustrating Evidence or Lack of Evidence .Writing for the Assessment Center Tips"

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Language English
Published 03/2014
Publisher R & L Education
Pages 100