Where Did the Jobs Go--And How Do We Get Them Back?: Your Guided Tour to America's Employment Crisis

    By Scott Bittle, Jean Johnson
There's nothing more fundamental to having a decent life in America than having a job. Unemployment is the public's top concern in polls, and potentially the most damaging part of the Great Recession. This book is a basic guide to the jobs issue written especially for readers who aren't economists or financiers.

STAFF PICKS: Where Did the Jobs Go?

Posted January 31, 2012, 1:04 AM with category of General Business
From the authors of Where Does the Money Go? : Your Guided Tour to the Federal Budget Crisis and Who Turned Out the Lights? : Your Guided Tour to the Energy Crisis, comes a new book about an issue of grave national importance that has touched most of our lives recently, and will be central to the political debate this election year. Read more


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ISBN 9780062096678
Language English
Publish Date 01/30/2012
Publisher HarperCollins

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