Book Customization

Make your book special for corporate events,
gifts, and other occasions.

Providing your audience or clients with a unique copy of a book, customized to amplify your message specifically to them, is a great way to make that message stick. We can add sponsor or presenter logos for a conference, a quote pulled from the book for a specific team, an author signature, or any other personalized message to help leave the desired impression. We offer an array of ready options to do this for your organization or event, including:

  • Tip-in Pages
  • Book Bands
  • Custom Covers
  • Cover Stickers
  • Book Plates
  • Custom Inserts

But we are by no means limited to those options. We are a small and flexible company perfectly suited to execute one-off projects. Contact Michael Jantz to learn more.

Michael Jantz
800-236-7323 x112