Corporate Reading Programs

Getting your organization on the same page.

Being an independent retailer with a strong ordering platform and customer service presence behind it means that we’re perfectly situated to handle all your corporate reading list needs. Our close eye on books being released means we can suggest upcoming titles, provide review copies, and help curate the books for those lists. If need be, we can even customize our website with a branded “mask” so that the ordering process retains your company identity and messaging. We’ve been helping corporate libraries, learning programs, and reading programs since 1984, and we currently handle JP Morgan’s popular seasonal reading lists.

Business School Fulfillment

Keeping your books in stock and ready to ship.

For decades, we’ve been helping the country’s top business schools get books quickly into the hands of their students. We provide competitive discount schedules, and are able to keep ample stock of the books individual professors and classes use most so that university bookstores and departments don’t have to. In essence, we will act as your off-site, easy-to-manage, bulk bookstore.

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