Mass Book Mailings

Mailing books to many people all at once.

Do you have a client list you’d like to send individual copies of a book to, maybe your book to, for a book launch, corporate gift, or special event? Do you need a letter included with every book, or maybe a tip-in page added? We love moving a lot of books at once, even if they have to move individually to many hundreds or even thousands of different addresses, even if we have to customize each one before it leaves. We excel at these kinds of all-hands-on-deck, high-touch, customized orders.

All you need to do is provide a clean list of recipients and select the shipment method you prefer, and we'll handle the rest. What does a 'clean list' look like? Download a list template to get you started. Contact Michael to find out about our shipping rates for individual book fulfillment (or if you have any other questions about customizing your order).

Michael Jantz
800-236-7323 x112