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Power Your Tribe: Create Resilient Teams in Turbulent Times

Available in: Hardcover


Is your team thriving in a world of relentless and rapid change?

From the New York Times bestselling author of SmartTribes and Rules for Renegades comes a potent set of neuroscience-based tools to empower your team in uncertain times.

Whether it's diminished sales, increased competition, or corporate restructuring, change is a natural part of doing business in today's high-speed, information-overload, instant-response environment. But inherent in human nature is resistance to change--a basic emotional response that is well-documented by neuroscience. In this groundbreaking guide, top leadership consultant and employee engagement expert Christine Comaford shows you how to bring your tribe together to tackle any challenge head-on. Using her simple, proven strategies, you'll be able to:

* Meet the demands of changing markets, customers, and competitors

* Adapt to new management, restructuring, and other corporate shakeups

* Spark innovation and teamwork in the workplace--and keep it burning

* Empower your people to embrace change as a new opportunity for growth

Filled with case studies and all-too-familiar examples, this book will enable you to release resistance to change, build more emotionally agile teams, and mobilize the entire organization quickly and efficiently toward a clear and common goal. By training and empowering your team members to shift their emotional states--and see the positive potential of change--you can lead your tribe through any challenge and ensure success for years to come.


Smart Tribes: How Teams Become Brilliant Together

Available in: Hardcover
An expert in corporate culture shows leaders how to build a "SmartTribe" that outperforms the competition. Comaford draws on potent yet easy-to-learn neuroscience techniques to help teams get where they want to go, achieve optimal performance, and leave competitors in the dust.