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The Lonely Silver Rain

Available in: Paperback
From a beloved master of crime fiction, "The Lonely Silver Rain" is one of many classic novels featuring Travis McGee, the hard-boiled detective who lives on a houseboat.
Travis McGee has luck to thank for his reputation as a first-rate salvager of stolen boats. Now Billy Ingraham, a self-made tycoon, is betting that McGee can locate his $700,000 custom cruiser. McGee isn t so sure. He knows all too well the dangerous link between Florida boatjackings and the drug trade, and he s vowed never to swim with the sharks but if he wants to keep his head (AKA finances) above water, swim he will.
As a young writer, all I ever wanted was to touch readers as powerfully as John D. MacDonald touched me. Dean Koontz
Even though McGee doesn t feel like sticking out his neck for this case, Billy s wife, Millis, convinces him to step up to the challenge. Sort of. After a pilot friend leads him to the stolen vessel, McGee immediately regrets not going with his gut. The yacht is no longer an ordinary boat. It s a slaughterhouse.
After witnessing the sordid scene, McGee realizes he s knee-deep in the white-hot center of an international cocaine ring. In the midst of this terrifying ordeal and an affair with a very dangerous woman, McGee is shocked by the return of a secret from his past. Over the years, McGee has recovered many wrecks now he ll need to salvage his own life.
Features a new Introduction by Lee Child"

The Deep Blue Good-By: A Travis McGee Novel

Available in: Paperback
He's a self-described beach bum who won his houseboat in a card game. He's also a knight errant who's wary of credit cards, retirement benefits, political parties, mortgages, and television. He only works when his cash runs out and his rule is simple: he'll help you find whatever was taken from you, as long as he can keep half....