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Beyond Performance: How Great Organizations Build Ultimate Competitive Advantage

Available in: Hardcover
The greatest invention of all time isn't the wheel, it'sorganization. By working together effectively, people can achievefeats far beyond anything they could accomplish individually. At atime of unprecedented economic, political, and social change, organizations need more than ever to operate at peak levels ofperformance. In order to do so, they need leaders who understandboth how to achieve organizational excellence and how to sustainit.

Evidence shows that only a third of organizations that achieveexcellence are able to maintain it over decades. Even fewer manageto implement successful transformation programs. These statisticshave devastating implications. In business, most of today'scompanies will falter within twenty years. In government, themajority of reform programs will fail. So will most efforts tocreate broader social change.

This book is written for those who intend to beat these odds.Based on one of the most extensive research efforts ever undertakenin the field of management, Beyond Performance shows howleaders can deliver performance today while also ensuring thattheir organizations stay fitfor the future.