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The Ultimate Guide to Internships: 100 Steps to Get a Great Internship and Thrive in It

Available in: Paperback, eBook
Also published with the same ISBN in 2015 by Allworth Press under the author Mark Babbitt and with a different subtitle.

A World Gone Social: How Companies Must Adapt to Survive

Available in: eBook, Hardcover
The Social Revolution's impact on the business world cannot be over-estimated. Like the meteor that likely precipitated the end of the dinosaurs, Social is the catalyst in an extinction event--and business as we know it has changed forever.

A World Gone Social offers an eye-opening look at fundamental and powerful changes the social collaboration era has set in motion:

● Customers now have the power--just watch what happens as more realize it!

● With increased transparency, businesses must be more ethical--no more pretending

● Command-and-control leadership is now so inefficient, it is a liability

● Nimble and small is the new competitive advantage--few corporations are capable of the agility required by evolving marketplaces

● Recruiting is now a two-way proposition, with job seekers able to peer behind the corporate curtain

● Relationship and community-building is how customers and brand ambassadors are won--and retained

● Engagement--with partners, employees, and customers--is not a luxury; it is a requirement.

Each chapter provides compelling stories and concrete examples of companies demonstrating enlightened business practices and doing Social right--and some that are not--and the lessons to be learned from their experiences. Finally, readers will discover how to objectively assess the fit ness of their own company's culture and social they may successfully transition from a 20th- to a 21st-century "social" organization.