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Marzano Center, Essentials for Achieving Rigor Series

Available in: Hardcover
The Marzano Center Essentials for Achieving Rigor 10-book series, authored by Dr. Robert J. Marzano and his team of highly skilled education experts at Learning Sciences International, provides practical, easy-to-implement techniques that educators can use immediately in their classrooms. Instructional guides help educators become highly skilled at implementing, monitoring, and adapting instruction. Put it to practical use immediately, adopting day-to-day examples as models for application in your own classroom. The series includes, Examining Similarities & Differences; Identifying Critical Content; Examining Reasoning; Recording & Representing Knowledge; Revising Knowledge; Processing New Information; Engaging in Cognitively Complex Tasks; Practicing Skills, Strategies, & Processes; Creating & Using Learning Targets & Performance Scales; and Organizing for Learning.

Processing New Information

Available in: Paperback
Can your students encode critical information into their long-term memories?