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Make the Right Choice: Creating a Positive, Innovative, and Productive Work Life

Available in: Hardcover

Zeff uses humor and improvisation perspective to teach managers and employees how to make the right choices to be engaged, to be a more effective communicator, have fun, and create a positive and successful environment at work.

Jacket Description/Flap:

Joel Zeff creates energy. His spontaneous humor and insightful messages have thrilled audiences for years. A national speaker and humorist, he has presented to more than 1,000 companies and organizations. He connects to his audience with humor that has them laughing so uncontrollably that their mascara runs, their cheeks hurt, and their bellies ache.

And he doesn't do it alone. Volunteers from the audience join him on stage and play an integral role in an improvisation game in front of hundreds or thousands of people--something they have never done. He expects nothing less than their success. He expects the volunteers to focus and work together as a team; communicate effectively; posi-tively support each other; and take responsibility.

In Make the Right Choice, Joel shares his expe-rience and insight on creativity, communication, teamwork, passion, and fun. With wit, a sharp observational eye, and playful irreverence, he discusses the choices we all encounter in our careers. We each have the ability to take initiative and make the right choice to live a more creative, passionate, effective, and productive life.

How do you Make the Right Choice? You must take ownership of your work environment and create a foundation of opportunity and positive support. You can choose to be patient, supportive, and more flexible to change. You can choose to have fun in the workplace and still be productive. Joel teaches us just how easy it is to make these choices.

Joel makes readers laugh so hard that they forget about the corporate nonsense of conference calls, "strategic deliverables," PowerPoint presentations with upside-down triangles, or "paradigm shifts in a cross-functional organization." Make the Right Choice is conversational, funny, and very informative. Yes, Joel will make you laugh, but he'll also make you think. This book delivers a combination of inspiration, essential business knowledge, and significant ideas to help readers reconnect with their own passion, creativity, and success. Now, you are invited to Make the Right Choice.