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Transportation!: How People Get Around

Available in: Hardcover
"From cars and trains to plains and boats, people all around the world have developed diverse means and methods of travel. Vehicles of many kinds are clearly detailed, as are transportation-related facts and concepts such as carpooling and commuting."--Provided by publisher.

The Fruits We Eat

Available in: Paperback
Berries, apples, melons, and grapes; oranges, grapefruits, bananasyum! This scrumptious picture book, a companion to The Vegetables We Eat, offers youngsters an inviting, information-packed cornucopia of favorite fruits. Gail Gibbons combines a clear, simple text with her signature illustrations to present fruit facts galore: the parts of fruits, where and how they grow, harvesting, processing, where to buy them, and how to enjoy them as part of a healthy diet. Once again, Gibbons proves "a master at creating factual books through which young readers can explore details of nature at an accessible and engaging depth." Booklist

It's Raining!

Available in: Paperback, Hardcover
What makes rain? From drizzle to downpour, heres information on the different kinds of rain and how to prepare if a storm is approaching.


Available in: Paperback, Hardcover
Beavers are fascinating animals. They build their own homes and live in family groups. They keep busy with their sharp teeth, powerful tails, and big webbed feet. Their work helps to preserve wetlands. Gibbons explores where they live, what they eat, how they raise their young, and much more. Full color.


Available in: Paperback, Hardcover
In her clear and kid-friendly style, nonfiction master Gail Gibbons introduces young scientists to these beautiful beetles. There are believed to be about 5,000 different kinds of ladybugs that live on six of the seven continents. Here are descriptions of their characteristics, their stages of development, and how they live.

It's Snowing!

Available in: Paperback, Hardcover
What is snow and just how does it form? Included in this introduction to one of winter's wonders is information about different types of snowstorms, regions where snow falls most, and how to prepare when a snowstorm is approaching.


Available in: Paperback
Imagine a force that can toss boats around like toys, wash away bridges, and create waves as high as 18 feet. Young readers can learn how hurricanes are formed, how they are named and classified, and what to do if a dangerous storm is coming their way. Full color.

Coral Reefs

Available in: Paperback
Presents information about how coral reefs are formed, how they grow, and the many different kinds of plants and animals that live in their special environment.


Available in: Paperback, Hardcover
In this easy-to-understand, age-appropriate book, Gibbons explains just what tornadoes are, how they form, the scale used for classifying them, and what to do in case one approaches. Illustrations.


Available in: Hardcover
Imagine a force that can toss boats around like toys, wash away bridges, and create waves as high as 18 feet. Young readers can learn how hurricanes are formed, how they are named and classified, and what to do if a dangerous storm is coming their way. Full color.


Available in: Paperback
Tapping into kids' love of these prehistoric creatures, this book introduces the characteristics and habits of a variety of dinosaurs in simple text and full-color illustrations.

Galaxies, Galaxies!

Available in: Paperback
Gibbons's view of our solar system may no longer be valid, but she's really focusing her attention so far beyond local space that the damage is minor. Between an opening description of the Milky Way and a closing claim that galaxy formation is still going on, the author depicts ancient

astronomers at work, describes several kinds of telescopes, and profiles five distinctive galactic forms, from irregular to lenticular. Pairing brief, matter-of-fact generalizations leavened with digestible doses of specific information to painted scenes that link diverse groups of human

observers to galaxies seen in blobby, broadly brushed portraits, this introduction to some of the universes largest structures will put stars in the eyes of the most Earthbound young readers.


Ice Cream: The Full Scoop

Available in: Paperback, Library Binding
Cool and smooth and sweet, ice cream has long been a favorite treat. It cools you off when it's hot and is too delicious to resist even in cold weather. Gibbons dishes the latest scoop on ice cream production, following the process from farm to freezer. Full color.

The Planets

Available in: Paperback, Hardcover
Since "The Planets" was first published in 1993 and revised in 2005, space exploration has resulted in additional new discoveries which are included in this edition, along with the fact the Pluto was designated a dwarf planet in 2006.

The Vegetables We Eat

Available in: Paperback, Hardcover
Vegetables come in many shapes, colors, and forms. Using her signature combination of a clear and informative text with plenty of illustrations, diagrams, and cross sections, Gibbons provides a wealth of information about produce. Full color.

Groundhog Day

Available in: Paperback
Every February 2nd, people all across the country turn their eye toward Pennsylvania, home to the groundhog Punxsutawney Phil. They wonder if he will see his shadow that day. This book offers information about Groundhog Day, its origins, and information about the animal at the center of this delightful event. Every February 2nd, people all across the country turn their eye toward Pennsylvania, home to the groundhog Punxsutawney Phil. They wonder if he will see his shadow that day. This book offers information about Groundhog Day, its origins, and information about the animal at the


Available in: Paperback
From the smallest (the elf owl) to the largest (the great gray owl), here is information about the 21 types of owls believed to be living in North America. From egg to owlet to fierce bird of prey, this title provides an insightful look at these impressive creatures. Full color.

Chicks & Chickens

Available in: Paperback
Domestic chickens are an essential part of the agriculture and food production in America. Gibbons takes a look at how chicken eggs are developed for human consumption and at how fertilized eggs develop into embryos and finally into fuzzy little baby chicks. The behaviour of chicks, hens, and roosters is discussed, and descriptions of the different breeds of chickens across America are provided. Once again Gibbons provides a colourful, accessible account of this familiar, domesticated bird.

Giant Pandas

Available in: Hardcover
Information about this endearing animal's physical characteristics, senses, diet, and lifestyle is presented along with a page of curious facts about giant pandas. Illustrations.

Polar Bears

Available in: Paperback
The polar bear is the biggest and most powerful of the animals that are able to survive the hostile climate of the Arctic. Cubs are born during the cold dark winter, even though they start out with only a thin coat of fur and weigh a little over one pound. The mothers raise and teach them so they may grow and survive in the wild. Here is information about how polar bears swim and hunt, how they keep warm and dry, and the many other ways they adapt to their environment.

Tell Me, Tree: All about Trees for Kids

Available in: Hardcover
A bright and colorful introduction to trees, leaves, and their inner workingsin nature. Illustrations.

Gail Gibbons' Creatures Great and Small

Available in: Paperback


Available in: Paperback
All about apples, from pollination to picking and eating.

The Honey Makers

Available in: Paperback
Here's a colorful, buzzing look at how bees make the tasty treat called honey.


Available in: Paperback
An introduction to the characteristics of deserts and the plants and animals that inhabit them.


Available in: Paperback
The amazing abilities of these flying mammals and how they fit into the natural world are explained in this full-color volume.

The Pumpkin Book

Available in: Paperback
Gibbons describes how pumpkins come in different shapes and sizes, how they grow, and their traditional uses and cultural significance. Full-color illustrations.

Bicycle Book

Available in: Paperback
Introduces the history, design, care, uses, and safety rules of the bicycle to young readers


Available in: Paperback
Their habitat, physical characteristics, and behavior.

Recycle!: A Handbook for Kids

Available in: Paperback
Explains the process of recycling from start to finish and discusses what happens to paper, glass, aluminum cans, and plastic when they are recycled into new products.

The Reasons for Seasons

Available in: Paperback
How the position of Earth in relation to the sun causes seasons.

Sea Turtles

Available in: Paperback
The characteristics and lifestyles of the eight different kinds.

St. Patrick's Day

Available in: Paperback
This story of Saint Patrick's life includes information on how St. Patrick's Day is celebrated. Includes six legends about Saint Patrick. Full color.


Available in: Paperback
Their tadpole beginnings, noises they make, body parts and how they live.


Available in: Paperback
Gibbons examines the physical characteristics, behavior, habitats, and different kinds of spiders.


Available in: Paperback
Describes the physical characteristics of sharks and different kinds of sharks.

From Seed to Plant

Available in: Paperback, Hardcover
With colorful, fun illustrations and delightful, lighthearted text, children can learn about the life cycles of various types of plants. Includes a "From Seed to Plant Project."

How a House Is Built

Available in: Paperback
Describes how the surveyor, heavy machinery operators, carpenter crew, plumbers, and other workers build a house.

Weather Words and What They Mean

Available in: Paperback
"Gibbons' easily identifiable artistic style works well with her explanations of sometimes misunderstood weather-related terms . . . Temperature, air pressure, moisture, and wind are broadly defined and illustrated."

Monarch Butterfly

Available in: Paperback
"Young naturalists will be captivated by this succinctly written, well-organized, brightly illustrated introduction to monarch butterflies.""School Library Journal." Includes instructions on how to raise a monarch.


Available in: Paperback
An introduction, in simple text and illustrations, to farming and the work done on a farm throughout the seasons.

Fire! Fire!

Available in: Paperback, Prebound Sewn
The alarm sounds. "Fire! Fire!" Big trucks roll out of the firehouse and race to the scene. Out come the soft hoses and aerial ladders. Whether the fire is in the city or in the country, on the waterfront or in a deep forest, firefighters are on the scene in moments, ready to attack the blaze.

The Milk Makers

Available in: Hardcover
Fresh and cold, foaming from a carton or bottle, milk is one of nature's most nutritious foods. For this, we must thank the milk makers.

In "The Milk Makers," Gail Gibbons begins with the cow, describing its four-stomach method of producing milk, how it is milked on a modern dairy farm, and then how milk is transported to a dairy plant, processed, and loaded onto refrigerated trucks - with other dairy products - for delivery to stores.

Step by step, Gail Gibbons' clear, carefully researched text and crisply colorful pictures tell the wonderful story of milk.