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Ignite the Secret: 19 Lessons for Business and Life

Available in: Hardcover
Ignite your business and your life with these powerful strategies for confronting any challenge, acting decisively in any situation, and achieving everything you ve ever dreamed of. Entrepreneur and motivationalspeaker Charles Horton takes vital lessons he has learned in business and life as well as from firewalking, walking on glass, mingling with lions, and building multiple businesses and applies them to the challenges of personal and professional life with remarkable success. Now, his trailblazing approach can be yours. Ignite the Secret will inspire you to.
See opportunities, not obstacles
Triumph over self-doubt
Create your own reality
Shift your perspective
Stoke your internal fire
Overcome any challenge
Accomplish your dreams
The hardest part of changing your life is knowing how to start. Ignite the Secret empowers you to take that first step and all the steps that follow.