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Gary Sernovitz

Books by Gary Sernovitz


The Green and the Black: The Complete Story of the Shale Revolution, the Fight Over Fracking, and the Future of Energy

Available in: Hardcover
In the tradition of Yergin's The Prize, a comprehensive, category-killing look at America's shale revolution and fracking's effect on communities, industry, and the war on climate change.

The Contrarians

Available in: Paperback

Chris Kelch is one of the rising stars at the downtown firm of Freshler Feld. At only twenty-eight, he's a top-rated equity research analyst; last year, he pulled down nearly half a million dollars. His girlfriend also happens to be lovely and supportive. Kelch's smalltown, single-parent, Midwestern roots seem far behind, until a thinly veiled profile of Kelch runs in a prominent magazine and things begin to fall apart. Not only does the piece reveal company secrets and cast Freshler Feld in a bad light, it also makes Kelch feel like a naif, for it reveals far more about his conflicted feelings about his past and his job than he has admitted even to himself. With suspense and style, The Contrarians not only creates one of the most memorable "ordinary guys" in recent American fiction, it also examines, as no novel has done before, the rise--and the seeds of the fall--of late-nineties Wall Street.