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100,000+ Baby Names: The Most Helpful, Complete, & Up-To-Date Name Book

Available in: Paperback
Containing more than 100,000 names and their meanings, derivations, and famous namesakes, this complete resource includes such helpful features as icons to identify names used for both genders, and updated lists ranking the 100 most popular names for boys and girls.

25,000 Baby Names

Available in: Paperback
Now with a broader, better selection of popular and unusual names than its predecessor, the latest edition of this favorite baby-name book comes complete with a name's origin, meaning, and famous namesakes. This book includes a freshly updated list of the 200 most popular names.

If Kids Ruled the School: More Kids' Favorite Funny School Peoms

Available in: Paperback
If Kids Ruled the School contains 50 giggle-inducing poems about school, covering everything from homework and tests to school lunches and detention. The book contains poems by Jack Prelutsky, Bruce Lansky, Kenn Nesbitt, Brod Baggert, Linda Knaus, Ted Sheu and Dave Crawley. The poems have been tested (and enjoyed) by a panel of more than 1,000 elementary school children. iParenting Media Awards Back to School 2004 Winner: Poetry
If you ve ever tried to convince Mom and Dad that the F on your report card stands for fabulous, this hilarious collection of school poems is for you! In the tradition of the popular anthology No More Homework! No More Tests!, this book covers wild and wacky school topics, like bringing skunks to show-and-tell, falling asleep at your desk, and ripping your pants on the playground. The big-timers of children s poetry have converged on the pages of this book to deliver the very best in school poetry. Just ask the hundreds of elementary-school students who helped Bruce Lansky handpick these poems: Each poem is guaranteed to make you giggle, grin, and/or guffaw!"