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“800-CEO-READ has been on the cutting edge of spreading ideas for a long time. The world of intentional business is a lot better off because of them.” – Seth Godin, author of Purple Cow, Tribes, Linchpin, and more.


How Can 800-CEO-Read Help Book Buyers?

We help book buyers who need boxes of books delivered around the world, on time. Whether for an event, training, or other group function, buying a quantity of books in today's changing book marketplace can be frustrating and stressful. We make it easy. Here's how:

Customer Service
One of our experienced customer service team members will manage your order personally: Any questions? Just call 800-236-7323. We’ll get your books where they need to be, when and how you need them.

We excel at managing high-touch orders of over 10 books. You may need 100 books to arrive by a certain date. Or you may need 1000 books to arrive at multiple locations over the course of two months. Or you may want to send a copy of your book to 200 individual recipients. We’ll take care of you.

We can help you provide your group with a unique copy of a book, including customizations such as tipped-in pages, book bands, signed book plates, custom inserts, and stickers. Add your company logo, a message from the company or other personalized info to make your book special.

  • Tipped in page - our designer works with you to provide a customized page insert for your book. You provide a logo and copy and we design the page around that. Tipped in pages are bound into the book and look like a normal page. $2.00 per additional page and a one time $75 setup fee. Additional shipping fees do apply. For quantities of 500 or higher, please call or email for a quote.
  • Book bands (belly band) - A printed strip around the outside of the book for logos of sponsors, information about the event or other details. $2.00 per book. PDF example. For quantities of 500 or higher, please call or email for a quote.
  • Signed book plates - We can add book plates into every book in your order to make it easier facilitate book signings. Can include custom copy and logos. $1.00 per book.
  • Cover sticker - We can add a sticker to the cover of your books. Can include custom copy and logos. $1.00 per book.
  • Custom inserts - Have an accompanying DVD or CD you would like to insert into the back of your book? Call for pricing.

Individual Fulfillment
In addition to modifying or customizing your books, 800-CEO-READ offers customization of the complete order process. Shipping 500 books to a single address is a breeze, and we can handle that for you. If you need 500 books shipped to 500 individual addresses, we can do that too. And you need a letter included with every book? We'll take care of it. All you need to do is provide a clean list of recipients and select the shipment method you prefer, and we'll take care of the rest. What does a 'clean list' look like? Download a list template to get you started. If you're unable to provide us with a tidy list, but you still need to have your books shipped individually, 800-CEO-READ can properly format your recipient list for a fee of $75. Contact Michael to find out about our shipping rates for individual book fulfillment (or if you have any other questions about customizing your order).

For more information about how we can help companies and other book buyers, contact Aaron Schleicher at 800-236-7323 x204, or Michael Jantz at 800-236-7323 x112 and they’ll take care of you.