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Pay it forward and prepurchase Mechanic Shop Femme's Guide to Car Ownership for someone who needs it but can't afford it.

Cars are complicated, especially if you live paycheck to paycheck. Buying the wrong car, going to a shady mechanic, or not having enough insurance can turn your only mode of getting to work into an expensive nightmare. Mechanic Shop Femme's Guide to Car Ownership is a no-jargon, no-patronizing guide to car ownership for us regular folks who just want to get from point A to B and not get taken for a ride. 

Pay it forward and buy a copy (or more!) of the book for someone who really needs it—an investment in people and community that is sure to make a huge impact. We'll make sure your book gets to someone who needs it, whether that's a teen in foster care like I was, someone who needs to buy a car to get a better job further from home, or a human who just can't afford another preventable car emergency.
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Mechanic Shop Femme's Guide to Car Ownership: Uncomplicating Cars for All of Us

by Chaya M Milchtein
Price: $19.99/ea

PRE-ORDER for 04/09/2024

A comprehensive guide to car ownership and maintenance intended for anyone--regardless of age, gender or experience.

When did you last pick up a book about cars? Typically written for men, particularly automotive enthusiasts and mechanics, these books rarely appeal to the everyday car owner. Mechanic Shop Femme's Guide to Car Ownership is different. Automotive educator, journalist, and social media influencer Chaya M. Milchtein is a queer woman who has spent the last decade deeply entrenched in the automotive industry.

In a country where economic injustices disproportionately impact marginalized people, particularly people of color and the LGBTQ+ community, a reliable car and an excellent relationship with a quality mechanic is vital to climb out of poverty. Chaya understands that a vehicle is an economic necessity that can provide access to career opportunities, financial security, and physical safety. She also understands that queer folks and women often find it daunting to buy a car and, subsequently, deal with the realities of getting it insured and repaired.

In Mechanic Shop Femme's Guide to Car Ownership, Chaya speaks to readers of all identities and socio-economic backgrounds, arming them with the necessary knowledge to navigate the intimidating automotive industry. At its core, this book is an accessible and comprehensive guide that will put readers at ease by providing them with basic knowledge about car ownership and maintenance. From buying a car, to getting it insured, finding the perfect mechanic, and dealing with car emergencies, Chaya encourages her audience to make educated decisions regarding their vehicles.Mechanic Shop Femme's Guide to Car Ownership is a must-have--one that will last readers through a lifetime of car ownership.

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