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Passion to Purpose: A Seven-Step Journey to Shed Self-Doubt, Find Inspiration, and Change Your Life (and the World) for the Better

by Amy Mc Laren
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A cross between The Promise of a Pencil and She Means Business, this book from the co-founder of a charity dedicated to bringing education to students in rural Kenya demonstrates how finding your purpose can change the world and change your life.

Amy McLaren shares the lessons she learned on her journey from school teacher to entrepreneur and co-founder of Village Impact--a charity that builds schools in Africa. Once she identified her central passions for teaching and travel and turned them into her purpose, she took control of her life and made a big impact in now just her own life, but the lives of all around her.

With this book as your guide, move through the seven key lessons from Amy's story--from seeking sources of inspiration and tapping into your network for support, to overcoming obstacles and establishing your legacy. Bridging your passion and purpose takes determination, perseverance, and grit--but you can start small and before you know it, you will change the world!

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