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The Wealth Decision: 10 Simple Steps to Achieve Financial Freedom and Build Generational Wealth

by Dominique Broadway
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An eye-opening roadmap for becoming a millionaire and building the foundation of generational wealth from a self-made, first-generation multimillionaire.

Demystify the path to wealth once and for all with Dominique Broadway’s unique strategy for taking control of your finances and becoming a millionaire. Based on simple steps and small decisions that build upon each other that anyone can execute (even those who have never had money or who face debt), The Wealth Decision includes:

  • What orange juice has to do with building wealth (hint: it’s about wanting the good stuff)
  • Strategies for spending your way to wealth
  • One single question to determine if you’re on top of your money
  • How to avoid saving your way to debt
  • A road map to score higher on your credit score
  • Dominique’s framework for picking the best investments for you
  • What insurance has to do with your legacy

Written with millennials and Gen Zers in mind, The Wealth Decision first shows you how to make that one decision to be wealthy. It then takes you through the most important decisions you need to live a life of financial freedom and ensuing strategies to build generational wealth and become a millionaire. Worksheets, resources, visuals, quizzes, and graphs bring Dominique’s strategies to life. With information on everything from crypto to day-trading to modern financial trends, The Wealth Decision is a must-have for anyone looking to up-level their financial situation.

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