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Wiring the Winning Organization: Liberating Our Collective Greatness Through Slowification, Simplification, and Amplification

by Gene Kim, Steven J Spear
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How do some organizations break away from the pack while others fall further behind? After researching the successes and failures of organizations from the last 150 years, award-winning authors Gene Kim and Steven J. Spear, DBA, have unlocked the key to success.In their eagerly awaited book, Kim and Spear bring to light a new theory of high-achieving organizations. They examine how companies solve the most important problems better, faster, and easier than their competitors by quickly and regularly closing the gap between aspirations and real-world success. This book shows companies that are struggling to perform how to achieve the continual greatness seen in the best of the best. This groundbreaking theory of organizational advantage details three components: simplification, slowification, and amplification. These create coherence across large, complex organizations, empowering them to architect enviable success in the market.

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