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Be the One: The Universal Roadmap to Create, Design, and Live an Unforgettable Life 
by Justin Prince and Clay Manley

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Be the One: The Universal Roadmap to Create, Design, and Live an Unforgettable Life

by Justin Prince, Clay Manley
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In Be the One, Justin Prince offers a roadmap for success that will help you can become the person you were designed to be.

Twelve generations, 4,094 individuals, all came before you. And each one made decisions that steered both their life and yours. But sometimes, there's that "one."

The one who chose to go a different way. The one who faced and embraced the hard times to reach the reward on the other side. The one who made the life-altering decision that ensured your very existence.

Now it's your turn. You can set a course for success, which will ensure that your future generations also succeed. But what if you're struggling? What if success is elusive, non-existent even? How can you "be the one" for those in your future when your present feels like it's at "zero"?

In his debut book, author and speaker Justin Prince shares a roadmap, an instruction manual, which lays out simple but powerful steps that you can take--today--to reset your course and aim yourself toward success.

Filled with poignant stories and personal examples from Prince's own life, this book will show you how to:

  • Design your future by getting clear on your vision.
  • Update your identity and be the person who were designed to be.
  • Build your confidence, commitment, and competence in everything you do.
  • Find reasons to keep going and then magnify those reasons to become a success.

And learn the four words spoken by John C. Maxwell that changed everything for Prince.

Like your ancestors, you make choices that will affect not only you but all others in your path, today, tomorrow, and for years to come. Decide today to succeed. For yourself and for them. Decide to "be the one.

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