This is Marketing: Limited Edition Collector's Set


Limited Edition Collector's Set


Strictly limited to 2,000 sets.

Includes 8 copies of the new bestseller This is Marketing.

FROM THE AUTHOR: This limited boxed set includes eight collectible original covers, magical juxtapositions you can’t get anywhere else. Alex Peck and I actually made 19 different covers, featuring everyone from Neil DeGrasse Tyson to Keytar Bear. And you get a random set of 8 of them with each box.

And you also get eight coupons each with a $160 discount, allowing you and your colleagues to take my bestselling Modern Marketing course on Udemy for $30 or so.

And an invite to a special live webinar with me about the ideas in the book.

But mostly you get 8 books at a good price, along with bragging rights.

And what will you do with those 7 extra books, the ones that come with a limited-edition custom cover?

I’m hoping you’ll share them.

At the heart of modern marketing is generosity. It's sharing work you're proud of. That's why there are seven extra books in this collector's set. They're for you to share with people you want to help do work that matters. People who want to make a difference.

You might share them with co-workers because you know that if you can all get on the same page, your marketing will work better and you’ll be more likely to be able to do work you’re proud of.

You could share them with non-profit leaders or political leaders, because you want their work to spread.

And perhaps you’ll share them with your students, your friends or those you admire, because now’s the best time to make a ruckus.

There are only 2,000 sets of the limited-edition 8 pack. If history is any guide, we’ll sell out soon.


This Is Marketing: You Can't Be Seen Until You Learn to See

by Seth Godin
Price: $159.00/ea
Boxed Set

Included in the $159 limited box set:

  • 8 copies of This is Marketing (a $198 value)
  • 8 collectible special covers
  • 8 coupons worth $160 each on the Udemy course (a $1280 value)*
  • An invite to a special online QA/webinar with the author, Seth Godin

Shipping varies by destination. Boxed sets begin shipping on November 22, 2018. Limited to 2,000 sets, this page will be locked when we hit the limit.

*NOTE! To collect your bonuses, look on the collectible jackets when they arrive, there's a URL there that will direct you to all of them. We'll also include the link on the receipt so you can get started right away—look for it on the next page after you check out.

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