Time Chasers #3

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Time Chasers #3

by James S Murray, Carsen Smith
Price: $13.49/ea — List price: $17.99

From the mind of Murr from the Impractical Jokers and comedian Carsen Smith comes the third book in the hilarious and action-packed series about a world of bizarre creatures, wacky gadgets, and four kid interns at the most interesting place on Earth: Area 51!

After the shocking revelation about her long-lost father, Viv, Elijah, Charlotte, and Ray are determined to save him at any cost. So it's a no-brainer for them to sneak into one of Area 51's finicky time machines to try to bring him back. What could go wrong? Well, how about not being able to track Viv's father through time, almost getting destroyed by the same meteor that killed the dinosaurs, and being chased by strange beings that preserve the proper flow of time? And with her father's life—and their own histories— at stake, Viv and her friends may be running out of time to set things right...

This third book in the debut middle-grade series from Murr of the Impractical Jokers and co-author Carsen Smith, Area 51 Interns is filled with enough high-tech hijinks, strange creatures and technology, and laugh-out-loud humor (plus an extra color insert full of gadgets) to make even Area 51 skeptics hooked for more!

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