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Taking Down Trump: 12 Rules for Prosecuting Donald Trump by Someone Who Did It Successfully

by Tristan Snell
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A former prosecutor provides an essential guide to ensuring that Donald Trump -- and other oligarchs of his ilk -- no longer beat the rap and face serious jail time for their crimes.

For a half-century Donald Trump has evaded justice. Now he finally faces trials for his lies, cons, and misdeeds - but many fear Trump will never face any real consequences.

Can prosecutors and litigants ever hold the powerful accountable? Or is our system so broken that some people are now above the law?

In TAKING DOWN TRUMP Tristan Snell argues that Donald Trump can be defeated -- and shares the secrets for how to beat him.

This is the first book ever from a prosecutor who defeated Trump: Snell led the prosecution of Trump University, resulting in a game-changing $25 million settlement that was Trump's first major legal loss and still the largest ever, getting thousands of victims their money back.

Here you'll learn the 12 rules for how to beat Trump -- and how some prosecutors and litigators are following this playbook, while others failed, including:

  • How can voters and activists hold prosecutors accountable?
  • How do you persevere against all the stonewalling and counterattacks?
  • How do you get a key figure to cooperate and cough up critical evidence?

Snell faced this problem with Trump University, but with one question, he got the evidence and broke open the case. How did he do it?

Whether you're a concerned citizen, a lawyer or prosecutor, or an activist or advocate, Snell shows how America's systems can still work to bring even the richest and most powerful to justice, and why those systems are worth preserving and improving. Ultimately, this is a roadmap for how America can begin to escape Trump's wilderness of fraud and fascism.

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