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From Hoodies to Suits: Innovating Digital Assets for Traditional Finance

by Annelise Osborne
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Learn how digital asset technologies can be applied to the regulated, traditional finance industry for improved performance and returns

In From Hoodies to Suits: Innovating Digital Assets for Traditional Finance, leading finance innovator Annelise Osborne bridges the gap between the "hoodies" who invented the technology behind digital assets and the "suits" who run traditional financial markets, in an entertaining and insightful guide for implementing digital assets in an institutional environment.

You'll discover the possibilities unlocked by new technological advancements, including alternative investments, new marketplaces, interoperability between counterparties, and even improved forms of diversification. You'll also find:

  • Discussions of why the adoption of digital assets is so critical for the future of finance and the ways the industry's largest players are implementing its technologies and concepts now
  • Explorations of what we can learn from some of the crypto industry's most infamous and well-known wins and losses, including the collapse of FTX
  • Strategies for implementing institutional digital assets to realize opportunities in private markets, funds, debt, repo, alternative assets and back office transactions in this evolving and dynamic financial environment

A fascinating new take on the future of finance, From Hoodies to Suits is a must-read guide for aspiring and practicing finance professionals, technology developers, fintech participants, and anyone else with an interest in the intersection of finance and technology.

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