The 5-Star Business Network: And the Ceos Who Are Building the Next Generation of Super Corporations with It

By Vivek Sood
Most effective business leaders know:
Why did Apple sue Samsung while it continues to buy critical parts for its winning products from Samsung?
Why did Google create Android OS for mobile applications, and is now talking about opening its own retail stores?
Why did Amazon create Kindle when the market is already saturated by other tablets and similar products?
How did Nokia mobile phone lose its shine?
Why did Apple build its own retail presence? How will shale gas discoveries in North America change the business world and perhaps the geo-political balance in the next 10 years? Do you?
Win big time by using the wisdom of your business networks to create, innovate, deliver and profit. Read this book to find out how.

Praise for this book:
The rules of the business world have changed - and nobody has full grasp of the new reality. This book is an important step leading the business leaders towards the new normal. From use of technology to outsourcing to innovation - the breadth and depth of thinking is seminal and intense. The best part about this book is the actionable nature of the content. Tony Fedorowicz - Global Supply Chain Strategist

Your business model might be broke, and you may not even be aware of this. This books offers a breath of fresh air in the world of business strategy dominated by staid Ivy League thinking which cannot see beyond its doorsteps. When everybody is thinking alike - in general - nobody is thinking at all. This book forces you to think afresh, and shows how you can apply your thinking in the changing global business environment to build enormous business advantage. Dr. Wolfgang Partsch - Ex Global Head, Ernst and Young Supply Chain Practice

Once every few years a business book comes along that stands far above the clutter, that has more than one single idea, that is based on solid research, that related theory and models to the real time business, and that is still ahead of the curve. This is one of those rare books. I will buy hundreds of copies and give them to my suppliers, customers and other business network partners. I think it is well worth the expense to orchestrate a business network when everyone is singing from the same song sheet. Tinku Grewal - Chief Executive Officer, Biotech Trading Pty Ltd

If you buy only one business book this decade, make sure this is the one. Your entire way of looking at business world will change for good. You will discover hidden treasures in business networks you did not even know existed. Keep it on your bookshelf, give it to your key employees and friends, and make sure your enemies do not get hold of this book. Cooma Chelliah - Chief Executive Officer, Jardine Thompson and Ex Chief Executive Officer - Encyclopedia Britannica Aus

In the high volatility environment, if you are running a portfolio of supply chain purchase worth hundreds of millions of dollars a year, there is no other way to mitigate the enormous risk than by managing the business network extremely carefully. This book expounds and builds on some of the techniques I have utilized for risk management and value creation in a soft commodity supply chain through roller coaster highs and lows of the recent commodity cycles. There is no doubt business networks are powerful beyond belief and useful beyond comparison. Hugh Robertson, Ex Director - Commodities and Risk, Weston Milling


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