63 Defense for Youth Football: A Winning Youth Defense

By Jack Gregory
This book is the resource manual on coaching and running the 63 defense. It is is based on fundamental football stressing tackling, pursuit, and turnover creation. It uses a team concept that gets all eleven players involved in playing team defense. It uses pressure concepts that place a great deal of stress on the backfield and forces them into a game of reacting to your defense while playing inverted cover 2 behind the pressure front to better support run while playing sound pass coverage support. The main goal of this defense is not not allow the big play to happen since the vast majority of youth teams live and die by the sweep and the vertical pass the defense is geared to stop these two plays while still being sound on the interior. The book is simply written with very little "coach talk" yet gives you a thorough understanding of the techniques, schemes, and principles that make this defense sound and fun. "Coach Gregory's defense is one of the most aggressive yet structurely sound defenses I have used. I love it! I love how easy it was to install! I love how easy it was to coach! I can't wait to get my second season under my belt with this defense!" Chad Herring Head Midget Coach - Kentucky 11-0 and first Championship appearance "Jack's 63 is so simple to coach and the kids love it. I was very skeptical when I first heard how the scheme ran but after talking to him online and over the phone about how he runs this defense I installed it and had nothing but success. I recommend this defense to any youth coach interested in having a successful defense!" Mark Aherns Head Junior Bantaam Coach - Arkansas 9-1 and League JB Champion "This defense served us well. I love the spill and kill I love the spill and kill lots of pressure on the backfield."' Bonescoach South Texas www.dumcoach.com member "I ran it for the first time last year and probably botched a few things up a bit. Even with my boogerin, this defense is very sound and a lot of fun to run." CoachShad Illinois www.dumcoach.com member "The simplicity is what is so awesome..." MRDEADEYE Elgin, IL www.dumcoach.com member


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