The 7 Biggest Financial Mistakes Made by Successful Entrepreneurs: And What to Do about Them

By Bruce Frankel
It seems logical that successful entrepreneurs must have optimized finances. They've got the nice house and the boat and the tropical vacation; they must know what they are doing and have the best experts watching out for their interests. Unfortunately, despite their success in business, their finances are often a mess.

As a Certified Financial Planner, Bruce Frankel has seen it all. In his new book, he details the 7 biggest mistakes he's seen from his clients--successful owners, shareholders, and executives of closely held small to medium-sized businesses--over the years:

- Choosing the wrong advisor team
- Inappropriate entity choice and structuring
- A shortsighted tax strategy
- Failing to create a business continuity plan
- Inadequate protection from wealth predators
- Following the conventional "wisdom" of Wall Street
- Failing to plan for a business transition

​Frankel explains how, through strategic financial planning and with a team of trusted and collaborative experts, entrepreneurs can protect and grow their wealth for their legacy. After they have transitioned from the business, the company will continue to thrive, and they can ensure that their family--and their community--are properly cared for.


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