A Whole New Engineer

By David Goldberg, Mark Somerville

This book tells the improbable stories of Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering, a small startup in Needham, Massachusetts, with aspirations to be a beacon to engineering education everywhere, and the iFoundry incubator at the University of Illinois, an unfunded pilot program with aspirations to change engineering at a large public university that wasn’t particularly interested in changing. That either one survived is story enough, but what they found out together changes the course of education transformation forever:


  • How joy, trust, openness, and connection are the keys to unleashing young, courageous engineers.
  • How engineers educated in narrow technical terms with a fixed mindset need an education that actively engages six minds—analytical, design, people, linguistic, body, and mindful— using a growth mindset.
  • How emotion and culture are the crucial elements of change, not content, curriculum, and pedagogy.
  • How four technologies of trust are well established and widely available to promote more rapid academic change.
  • How all stakeholders can join together in a movement of open innovation to accelerate collaborative disruption of the status quo.


Read this book and get a glimpse inside the coming revolution in engineering. Feel the engaging stories in this book and understand the depth of change that is coming. Use this book to help select, shape, demand, and create educational experiences aligned with the creative imperative of the twenty-first century.



“Everyone involved with educating engineers should read this book twice—once for inspiration and a second time for planning. A Whole New Engineer provides a roadmap for overhauling the stale, soul-deadening, plug-into-the-equation style of engineering education. In its place will emerge a system built on creativity and collaboration and initiative. If that sounds like fantasy, think again: The authors have already made it happen, and their students are reaping the rewards.”


Dan Heath, Co-Author of the New York Times bestsellers Made to StickSwitch, and Decisive 



“This isn’t just a book about engineering. It’s a book about education, entrepreneurship, and — ultimately — the future. Read it and prepare to take notes!”


Daniel H. Pink, Author of the New York Times Bestsellers To Sell is HumanDrive, and A Whole New Mind



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