Above the Line: How the Golden Rule Rules the Bottom Line

By Steve Satterwhite
Imagine a world of work... Where people discover who they are and why they're here-through their work. Where trust, respect, honor and truth rule the day. Where simple and universal truths dominate the workplace. Imagine a place where no matter who you were or how you became part of a company's ecosystem-as an employee, a customer, a partner or a vendor-you would be treated with dignity, respect and a whole lot of "Wow!" A place that would lift everyone up. Where everyone could win. Where everyone had the chance to become the best possible versions of themselves, to grow and thrive and discover the best of themselves within the work they do. Where people to find the connection to their true selves, their authentic selves. In their work. Under our watch. A place where the Golden Rule rules the bottom line. Imagine what's possible: Productivity is exponentially higher. Real work gets done. Good things get created by good people. People are authentically engaged. And profits soar. As leaders, we can bring this dream into reality. The world is waiting for us. And there's no better time than right now.


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ISBN: 9780989366908

About the Paperback

Publisher Brochstein Press LLC
Publish date 09/01/2013
Pages 192
ISBN-13 9780989366908
ISBN-10 0989366901
Language English

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