Adderall Blues

By Brian J Robinson

Adderall Blues is a catalyst for change in the educational system. This first person account of ADHD is among the only books to offer a non-clinical perspective of ADHD where we can all understand on a deeper level the blessing and the curse that is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Seen through the eyes of one of literatures' most outlandish characters, a greater connection with those afflicted with the pathologically wondering mind society loves to label is felt and processed from an altogether different perceptive.

Observe as our main character trips over himself endlessly while succeeding uniquely in his own fashion. Does Brian conquer his supposed "disorder," and transcend the label, or fall into the self-esteem trap that so many others have succumbed to? Prepare to be entertained and most importantly, enlightened.


"Finally! A blunt but objective book that debunks ADHD labels and exposes the unfortunate and limiting ways in which societal norms inhibit brilliance. Mr. Robinson's journey of interrupted genius is a first and important step toward a much-needed societal shift in which learning disabilities are celebrated...not diagnosed"

-- Dr. Peter J. McDonald, PhD. (Educational Policy)

"A wonderful, in-your-face book relating one young person's struggles with Attention Deficit Disorder..."

-- Dr. Ned Hallowell M.D., Harvard Medicine and Author of Driven to Distraction

"Brian Robinson poignantly exposes the flaws in our current educational philosophy and challenges us to rethink ADHD as a cure for slowed innovation rather than an illness in need of taming."

-- Damian Brenes Dominguez, Founder Spil Creative, Inc.

"Brian has captured, without exception, the frustration and incite into the world of attention deficit disorder. His stories are relatable. I commend his writing skills and purpose.

-- Dr. Samuel Schenker, MD (Neurologist)

"Adderall Blues tells an engaging tale of a young man finding his way in the world while learning about himself and his ADHD. Robinson's story is an important lesson in understanding how to unlock the potential of young people, especially those diagnosed with attention deficit disorders."

-- A. Corcoran (Former Educator, Master of Public Policy)

"The chronicals of Brian's life events are so captivating and intense that I couldn't put the book down. Eye opening and an emotional roller coaster. This story will encourage more people with ADHD, who likely have similar feelings about Adderall, to share their story to raise awareness of the issues Brian posits."

-- Nicole Stokes- Published Research Scientist, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals

"A much needed memoir to highlight a crucial topic in today's society. Mr. Robinson's story is witty, engaging, humorous and thought-provoking; a bold confession that brings to the forefront a struggle that so many people deal with on a daily basis. This is a must read for anyone who's life may have been touched by ADHD or other learning disabilities. "

-- Dr. Rama Ayyala, MD, Columbia University Medical Center

"This refreshingly honest account of living with ADHD reframes both the struggles and gifts that come along with this stigmatized diagnosis. A passionate reminder of the need for our education system to nurture the unique mind of each student and warns us about the far-reaching dangers of forcing conformity in the classroom."

-- Pamela Mendelsohn, LMSW


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