Advanced Industrial Lead-Acid Batteries

By Eduardo Cattaneo, Bernhard Riegel

The book gives a bright overview of the storage of electrical renewable energy. It focuses on technical, economic and ecological aspects of the electrical power storage and complete energy systems. In the focus are electrochemical power sources as accumulators (lead-acid, li-ion, redox-flow, Na+-high temperature batteries), hydrogen systems (electrolyser- fuel cell combinations) and supercapacitors.


Description and field deployment of the different types of industrial batteries

The information provided by brochures is usually restrained to a mere description of the product and basic performance figures

Battery components for industrial batteries

(separators, alloys, accessories)

The choice of some cell components and accessories is usually optimised for the users climate region

An account of the most common service-life limiting factors for industrial batteries

Provides a general knowledge about sulfation, grid corrosion and health diagnosis of the cell thru visual inspection

An overview on battery testing methods: capacity, self discharge tests. Nomenclature

(rated capacity, internal resistance, energy and power density etc)

Comparative test results are a useful tool for battery benchmarking. Reliable field performance predictions, however, require a critical evaluation of partial test results

Usual parameters in battery management systems, float- voltage, temperature, State of Charge (SOC)/ Health (SOH)

Standby applications in critical fields may demand reliable values for SOC and SOH in order to guarantee the correct functioning of the system (emergency power, flash back-ups of sensitive data)

Manufacturing techniques

Supplementary general knowledge on batteries""


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