Advances in Information Storage Systems: Volume 4

By Asme Press, Reshetov D N Portman v T
The series Advances in Information Storage Systems covers a wide range of interdisciplinary technical areas, related to magnetic or optical storage systems. The following nonexhaustive list is indicative of the scope of the topics: Friction, Adhesion, Wear and Lubrications, Coatings, Solid Mechanics, Air Flow, Contamination, Instrumentation, Dynamics, Shock and Vibration, Controls, Head and Suspension Design, Actuators, Spindle and Actuator Motors and Bearings, Structure of Thin Films, Corrosion, Long-Term Reliability, Materials and Processing, Manufacturing and Automation, Economics.This volume contains 30 articles covering various aspects of the information storage and processing industry. It is organized into three parts: Mechanics and Tribology of Magnetic Rigid Disk Drives; Dynamics and Controls of Magnetic Rigid Disk Drives; and Mechanics of Flexible Media Systems.Contents:Mechanics and Tribology of Magnetic Rigid Disk DrivesDynamics and Controls of Magnetic Rigid Disk DrivesMechanics of Flexible Media SystemsReadership: Applied physicists, materials scientists, mechanical and electrical & electronic engineers.Key Features:Extensive surveys of parallels between a number of central ideas in Babylonian mathematics and the works of Euclid, Diophantus, Heron, and other Greek mathematiciansA surprising new explanation of the alleged “geometric algebra” in Book II of Euclid's Elements, and an equally surprising demonstration of close ties between the notoriously difficult Book X of the Elements and Babylonian metric algebraPreviously unknown examples of elegant Babylonian recursive procedures, in particular the construction of a “chain of trapezoids with fixed diagonals,” interpreted here as forerunners to Theon's famous “side and diagonal numbers algorithm,” and to Theodorus' vaguely described method for a proof of the irrationality of square rootsMany detailed diagrams and figures, using computer-aided methods of presentations


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Publisher American Society of Mechanical Engineers
Publish date 01/01/1992
Pages 415
ISBN-13 9780791800270
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