All in: How Our Work-First Culture Fails Dads, Families, and Businesses--And How We Can Fix It Together

By Josh Levs

When journalist and fatherhood columnist Josh Levs was denied fair parental leave by his employer after his child was born, he fought back and won. In the process, he became a leading advocate for modern families. In All In, he shows how father-hood today is far different than for previ-ous generations and what that means for our individual lives, families, workplaces, and society.

Growing numbers of men are becoming stay-at-home dads, working part-time, or taking on flexible schedules to spend more time with their children. Even the traditional breadwinner-dad is being trans-formed. Dads today are more emotionally and physically involved on the home front than ever before. They are "all in" and like mothers struggling with work-life balance and doing it all.

Levs explains that despite these un-precedented changes, the structures that shape our family lives remain rigid. Our laws, corporate policies, and gender-based expectations in the workplace are horribly outdated, preventing both women and men from living out the equality we believe in and hurting businesses in the process, too. Women have done a great job of speak-ing out about this, Levs argues. It's time for men to join in in a big way.

Combining Levs's personal experiences with investigative reporting and frank con-versations with fathers about everything from work life to money to sex, All In busts popular myths, lays out facts, uncovers the forces holding all of us back, and shows how we can join together to change them."

A new generation of fathers is joining legions of women in the fight for equality. "All In" shows how men and women can unite to overcome outdated policies and gender-based stigmas holding them back and make big changes that help families, businesses, and the entire nation. --Maria Shriver, mother of four, award-winning journalist and producer, six-time bestselling author, and activist for social change and equality"


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